Roxie Rawls-De Santiago

Associate 2

Roxie De Santiago earned a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics from New Mexico State University where she graduated cum laude and with Honors.  Before embarking on her legal career, Roxie worked for Seguros Monterrey (Atena) in Mexico City.  Upon her return to the United States, she studied law at the University of New Mexico.  Roxie practiced for 13 years with the Jones Law Firm in Santa Fe, representing individuals and businesses in various areas of the law including contract, employment and civil rights, moving cases all the way through to the NM Supreme Court when necessary, to obtain justice for her clients.  Her experience in business and law, combined with the fact that she is from New Mexico and from an immigrant family, gives Roxie unique insight into the needs and concerns of the families and business who come to Rebecca Kitson Law for assistance.  Her focus at Rebecca Kitson Law is on employment immigration where her business background serves to provide employment clients with the ability to communicate on both the immigration and business matters simultaneously.  Roxie is also an adjunct professor of immigration law at the University of New Mexico, volunteers monthly with the Mexican Consulate, and assists UNM students through the Global Education Office bi-annual immigration presentations.  Finally, Roxie has served on the New Mexico Immigration Law Section of the State Bar of New Mexico.